Rosina Illescas

Business Manager

Rosie welcomes clients with open arms and always has their best interest at heart. She is well known for understanding her client's needs and working to ensure those needs are met. She has 13 years of experience in the fast-paced & highly regulated Pharmaceutical industry. She worked as a liaison for top-tier suppliers managing complex relationships between Suppliers and Vendors with strict regulations. As Business Manager for Team Rene, she is thrilled to bring her expertise, attention to detail & outside-in approach to the real estate industry. Rosie ensures that the team plans and achieves its goals by customizing to the client's needs/wants. She believes that the more she immerses herself in the minds of the clients, it will always separate Team Rene vs. others in the industry. With a gift for ensuring even the smallest details are taken care of, her passion for solving problems allows her to shine in a role managing multiple projects with integrity and honesty leading the way. She is an exceptional team member taking great pride each time property keys are exchanged and knowing that she helped put smiles on the client's faces. Born and raised in Oakville, Rosie's talents extend to the kitchen, where her Italian roots allow her to make delicious cuisine for her family. Family time with her husband and two kids is her time to reconnect and recharge. She finds great joy when exploring her passion for travel, beautiful homes, and, on occasion, the finer things in life.

Liz Deanovic

Office Manager

Liz knows the inside of a real estate office! As a licensed realtor with 14+ years of experience in the industry, she worked as a sales representative before discovering her passion for working behind-the-scenes. With a fierce eye for detail, she has managed large and small teams of real estate professionals being the touch point for administration, accounting, marketing, front desk staff and is a problem solver extraordinaire. Being solution-oriented, Liz is passionate about ensuring a smooth transaction and, more importantly, a happy client. Liz has personal experience buying and selling homes, flipping homes, and owning investment properties. As such, she understands the value real estate can bring to clients and the long-term gain real estate offers. Your home is a safe place to live and grow your family, as well as your wealth. Liz loves to learn new skills to stay sharp when interacting with clients and vendors. Her goal, as the main point of contact, is to ensure a seamless transaction through the buying and selling process. When clients express joy over the purchase or sale of their home, those are the moments that she lives for. Born and raised in Oakville, Liz loves spending time in her beautiful city with her husband and daughters. With roots in Portugal, Liz loves to travel and experience the world with her family. She also counts home renovations as one of her favorite activities!

Rene Illescas

Sales Representative

Rene has an incredible ability to build lasting relationships through trust and hard work. He believes in the golden rule of treating others as you want to be treated and The Law of Reciprocity. His proven sales results began in his corporate career with 10+ years of experience working with multi-million dollar companies. He honed his sales skills by growing smaller clients into robust accounts and working hard to surpass his sales targets. He began his real estate career part-time over five years ago, and within a short time, he fell in love with the people, the pace of work, and the opportunities the industry presented. He decided to jump into real estate full-time and has developed expertise in residential real estate, new builds, land development, and investing. With tenacity, Rene pursued real estate and became successful working with teams of talented people. He founded Team Rene to exercise his business philosophy of honesty, integrity, and transparency with a unique hands-on approach. He understands that working with your clients to serve their needs is where you see the greatest reward. Rene is passionate about staying one step ahead of the competition and has become an expert in advising, negotiating, and consulting to ensure the best results. Rene loves to travel and spend time with his beautiful wife and kids. He treasures the time they spend together playing games, activities, and eating delicious food. He loves to stay fit, coach multiple sports teams, and play in basketball leagues. He is a lover of all types of food, and a bottle of fine wine is always welcome at his table!

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