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    To learn more about how to use HomePAIR™ download our instruction guide below.

    Off-Market Real Estate
    Have you ever considered a different approach when thinking Real Estate?  Let's talk about Off-Market Real Estate.

    What is Off-Market Real Estate?
    The first thing we need to understand is the definition of Off-Market Real Estate. 
    Off-Market Real Estate refers to homes that are not listed on the MLS or on any other Real Estate website or app.
    These properties are sometimes also referred to as “pocket listings” or “private listings”.  Some Brokerages may even use the term “exclusive listings”.  The main point to understand is Off-Market listings are not usually made public and are extremely hard to find.

    Why is listing off- market a good Idea?
    This all depends on your motivation to sell.
    If you are looking to sell quickly and that is the main motive or objective, then going the traditional route of public/MLS with your listing would be your best bet.  However, if time is not of the essence, then Off- Market could be the perfect solution for you.  There is no risk to you, the homeowner.  You are still utilizing a licensed professional Real Estate salesperson and receiving the same white glove service from Team Rene.  Listing Off-Market will allow you to go at your own pace and also offers you the advantage of less commission because no other Realtor is involved.  This gives Sellers more money in their pocket.

    Now, what happens if you are a Buyer? Does this mean that you should be interested in Off-Market Real Estate? Absolutely! Off-Market listings are a great opportunity for Buyers as well.
    Imagine having exclusive access to all these Off-Market properties not found on MLS.  Additionally, imagine not having to compete with other Buyers and avoiding bidding wars.  Being able to take your time and go at your own pace.  HomePAIR™ is also very beneficial for Buyers as well.

    How to find Off-Market Real Estate properties
    Generally speaking, finding an Off-Market or unlisted property can be very challenging.  It would require many phone calls to different Realtors and\or Brokerages to inquire if they have any of these Off-Market listings available.  Most people just don’t have the time to go through such an exhausting task.
    Fortunately, Team Rene has developed a solution and can help you!  We have complied a qualified database of Off-Market Sellers and Buyers and developed an app called HomePAIR™

    What Is HomePAIR™?
    HomePAIR™ is unlike any other app you can find on the market. Most, if not all, Real Estate apps available only focus on showing publicly available listings. HomePAIR™ is the opposite.  Its focus is showing homes that are not listed on MLS, publicly or on any other platform.  The focus is Off-Market Real Estate only.  The game-changer here, and what makes HomePAIR™ unique, is that it also shows BUYERS who are currently looking for their next home.  Instead of waiting, Sellers can actually see potential buyers searching in their neighbourhood and start discussing their options.  The ultimate goal of HomePAIR™ is to be able to “pair” Buyers and Sellers together Off-Market allowing for an easier and simpler process.
    HomePAIR™ App
    Team Rene likes to stay ahead of the game and think innovatively.  We feel we have found a perfect solution to be able to assist both Buyers and Sellers searching for Off-Market homes.  Our goal was to make it simple, streamlined and qualified.
    The app is available for both iOS and Android and is a perfect opportunity to search for Off-Market homes and access unique opportunities that come with it.

    The New Shape of Real Estate
    HomePAIR™ offers a way to experience Real Estate in a different way.  It allows for a no pressure, no risk, at your own pace approach.
    If you’re considering a move, Off-Market Real Estate is something you should definitely consider. HomePAIR™ gives you the unique opportunity to search properties not listed anywhere else.  This allows Buyers access to Off-Market opportunities only available through HomePAIR™.
    Sellers can use also use HomePAIR™ to find potential buyers that are currently looking for a new home. Furthermore, the app allows you to search in your neighbourhood, which makes the entire process a lot simpler.

    A Perfect Match
    The goal of HomePAIR™ is to “pair” buyers and Sellers together Off-Market.  HomePAIR™ is acting like a matchmaker for anyone who is considering a move short term or long term.
    The idea behind it is simple. Both Buyers and Sellers fill out a form when joining the app. 
    All the information in the app remains private and confidential.  
    A member of Team Rene will then be in touch with you to review some questions and properly screen you. 
    Ensuring the integrity of the HomePAIR™ app is vital to it’s success. We will only allow screened Buyers and Sellers to be a part of HomePAIR™ so you can be confident you are dealing with serious Buyer and Sellers.
    Once the screening process is over, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and wait for the perfect Buyer/Seller to appear.  This is the at your own pace benefit of Off-Market Real Estate, and you can opt out at any time.  No pressure. 

    Something that is extremely important to note is that all information provided to HomePAIR™ as well as the information of our Buyers and Sellers is of the utmost importance to us.  No information will ever be publicly displayed without prior consent.

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