Choosing the right Realtor can be challenging and adding to unnecessary stress which should not have to happen, be but it is a reality. However, we are very confident and transparent when working with potential clients and always ensure that there is a fit between all parties. You should be able to like you Realtor and have a connection from the first time you meet in person, on the phone or even in email. We appreciate when clients reach out to us and give us their time. When working with us, we will absolutely ensure that we capture your interest and more importantly, trust. At Team Rene, we emphasize the following:  

  • Dedicated office & business manager to ensure that client service is top priority and that our work exceeds expectations
  • Personable, trustworthy and highly ethical standards we pride ourselves on quality over numbers
  • Ability to adapt with multitude of clients, personalities and complicated situations 
  • Proven market strategies to help pinpoint precise value of homes in any market condition
  • Technology at your fingertips - connected to some of the industry leading experts to elevate your home presence and visual appeal 
  • Immersed real estate background and experience in vast areas from rural, urban, country, pre-construction and land development 
  • Fact based selling and using live market stats to show how buyer purchasing patters affects value of homes
  • Exclusive access to over 45 professional services/companies that may help with the listing of your home
  • Well versed in negotiations and familiar with complex selling scenarios  

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